Interactive Music Links
Practice Your Treble Clef Notes Treble Clef drills to help learn notes.  This site is especially helpful to 4th and 5th graders.

Test Your Knowledge of Treble Clef Note Names Another site to help learn music notes

Global Groovin Create sounds with instruments from around the world.

Creating Music This site has many games to work on melody line and listening skills.

Incredibox On this web site, you drag sounds onto the singers and it creates an a Capella choir.

SFSKids A wonderful site with many music games.  Come and explore!  

Daria world Music Explore the sounds of world music.

Cave Sounds
 Learn about the sounds of caves in Northern Ireland and then create your own cave sounds.

CyberChange  Experience how connected math and music are

Button Bass Create your own dub-step sounds.

Musication Play along with your favorite songs. 

Fingerdoodle Create sound patterns

Learn about the orchestra