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General Info

All students must be prepared for days they have P.E.  This includes proper footwear (no flip-flops, boots, etc.), and a water bottle. If they do not have footwear to safely participate, they will sit out and work on an alternate assignment/fill out an "On the Bench in P.E." worksheet to help them stay engaged in the day's lesson.  Please make sure you check the Specials calendar for your child's P.E. days!


Students in the 4/5 labs are graded in P.E. in three categories aligning with the Colorado Academic Standards in Comprehensive Health and Physical Education (CHPE).

25% Skill (Standard 1. Movement Competence and Understanding)

50% Behavior (Standard 2. Physical and Personal Wellness, Standard 3. Emotional and Social Wellness)

25% Preparedness (Standard 4. Prevention and Risk Management)
Part of the Preparedness grade includes proper footwear AND having a water bottle!