Procedures & Guidelines

Makeup Work:  Students are allowed two days for each day they are absent to make up their missing work for full credit.  This extension does not apply to long term assignments that have pre-arranged due dates.  It is the student's responsibility to make a time to meet with each teacher to get their missing assignments and notes.

Late Work: 
If an assignment is turned in late it will receive a deduction of 20% per school day, regardless of whether the student sees the teacher for that block day. After 5 days the assignment will receive a 0 for credit. The grade will be marked as “late” in Infinite Campus.   

Missing Work:  
If an assignment is not turned in on time it will be marked as “missing” in Infinite Campus.  This will calculate an automatic zero score for the assignment until it is turned in within the 5 day late work window.

  Gum is not allowed to be chewed in school.

Backpacks: Backpacks must be kept in lockers throughout the day.

Internet Use:  Students should be using class computers for school work only.  If students misuse the computers, or their class time, they may have their computer privileges suspended on a class by class basis.

Hall Behavior:  Students should walk silently in a single line, staying to the right.  The halls are classrooms too. There are 10 teachers that use the halls as classroom space on a regular basis for reading, testing, math, etc. Teachers will be in the hall during passing periods.

Personal Electronic Devices:  Cell phones are a huge distraction to many middle school students both socially and emotionally.  Please encourage your child to keep it at home unless it is necessary to bring to school that day.  If cell phones are brought to school, they are to be turned off and in the student's locker when they enter the school at 8:13 AM until they leave the school after the dismissal bell rings at 3:20 PM.  If a cell phone is out between 8:20-3:20 it will be taken by the teacher and taken to the office where the student can pick it up at the end of the day.  A teacher may also hold onto the phone and ask that a parent pick it up. Personal computers or tablets are only allowed if a student has written permission from administration (504 or IEP).  MP3 players without access to the internet are allowed with teacher permission for students to bring if they like to listen to music. Parents are responsible for making sure the music is school appropriate.

Academic Eligibility for Sports/Activities:  If a student has one failing grade they are ineligible for the following entire week. That means (Monday at 8AM to the next Monday at 8AM).  If a student turns in work to bring up a grade, eligibility will not be changed for that week.  Grading mistakes can happen, it is up to the student to check their grades and ensure that weekly grades are accurate. If a mistake has been made, the teacher will write a note to explain the situation upon the student’s request.  Keep all tests and homework, it will validate your grade. 

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